EGY my lang 2

hello AhlaN – أهلا
bye mo alslame/slam – مع السلامة/ سلام
congratulations mbruk – مبروك
sorry Esf – آسف
really folaN – فعلا


English Phrases Egyptian Phrases
Plural gmo – جمع
my book ktabi – كِتابي
my books katabi – كتبي
our daughter binti – بِنتي
our daughters bnatna – بناتـْنا
I’m cold Ana brdan – أنا بَرْدان
we’re cold avna brdanin – احنا بردانـِين
his chickens fraxuh – فِراخـُه
their chicken fraxhum – فِراخهُم
he is happy hu mbsuT – هو مَبْسوط
she is happy hi mbsuTe – هي مَبْسوطة
he is American hu Amriki – هو أمْريكي
she is American hi Amrikie – هي أمريكية
I can accept that Ana mmkn Aqbl da/di (able)- أنا ممكن أقبل دا/دي
she added it Dafith/ha – ضافِته- ضافِتها
we admit it niotrf bkde – نِعترف بكدة
they advised him nasavuh – نـَصَحوه
I can agree with that Ana mmkn Auafiq oly da – أنا ممكن أوافِق على دا
she allows it smvit bda – سمحِت بدا
we announce it Aolanah – أعلاناه
I can apologize mmkn Aotzr – ممكن أعتذر
she appears today Zhrt alnharde – ظـَهرِت النهاردة
they arranged that nZamua da – نظـَموا دا
I can arrive tomorrow Ana mmkn Awcl bkre – أنا ممكن أوصَل بُكرة
she can ask him mmkn tsAluh – ممكن تِسألُه
we attack them bnhgm olihm – بنهجم عليهم
they avoid her bitgnbuha – بيتجـَنـبوها
I can bake it mmkn axbjha – ممكن اخبزها
she is like him hi jiuh – هي زيُه
we beat it bnDrbh/ha – بنضربه/ ها
they became happy hm bqua mbsuTin – هم بقوا مبسوطين
I can begin that mmkn AbdA da/di – ممكن أبدأ دا/دي
we borrowed money astlfna flus – استلفـْنا فلوس
they breathe air bitnfsua hua – بيتنفسوا هوا
I can bring it mmkn Agibha – ممكن أجيبها
I can build that mmkn abniha – ممكن ابنيها
she buys food bwtrwi Akl – بتشترشي أكل
we calculate it vsbnaha – حَسَبْناها
they carry it biwiluha – بيشيلوها
they don’t cheat mabiGwuw – مابيغشوش
she chooses him Axtarth – أختارته
we close it qflnaha – قفلناها
he comes here gh hna – جه هنا
I can compare that mmkn aqarn da / di – ممكن اقارن دا/دي
she competes with me bttnafs moaia – بتتنافس معايا
we complain about it bnwtki mnh / mnha – بنشـْتِكي منه/ منها
they continued reading kmlua qraie – كملوا قراية
he cried about that oiT oly da – عيط على دا
I can decide now mmkn aqrr dluqti – ممكن اقرر دلوقتي
she described it to me ucafth/ha lia – وصَفِته/ وصَفِـتـْها ليا
we disagree about it axtlafna olih/oliha – اختلافنا عليه/ عليها
they disappeared quickly axtfua bsroe – اختفوا بسرعة
I discovered that aktwft da / di – اكتشفت دا/دي
she dislikes that mabtvbw da / di – مابتحِبش دا/ دي
we do it bnomlh/ha – بنعمله / بنعملها
they dream about it bivlmua bih / biha – بيحلموا بيه /بيها
I earned ksbt – كِسْبت
he eats a lot biakl ktir – بياكل كتير
we enjoyed that astmtona bih / biha – استمتعنا بيه / بيها
they entered here dxlua hna – دخلوا هنا
inside the house guh albit – جوه البيت
outside the car brh alorbie – بره العربية
with me moaia – معايا
without him mn Girh – من غيره
under the table tvt altrbije – تحت التربيزة
after tomorrow bod bkre – بعد بكرة
before sunset qbl Grub alwms – قبل غروب الشمس
but I’m busy bs Ana mwGul – بس أنا مشغول 

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