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The word mj مـِش is used to negate a phrase. It is either placed in front of the verb or preposition, or wrapped around it.

Structure English Arabic
Preposition I have cigarettes ondy sǵair
عـَندي سـَجا َيـَر
don’t have any cigarettes maondj sǵair
مـَــعـَنديــش سـَجا َيـَر
There is water fi miae
في مـَيا َه
There is no water mafj miae
مـَــفيــش مـَيا َه
kaan I was there ána kunt hinak
أنا َ كـُنت هـِنا َك
I was not there ána makuntj hinak
أنا َ مـَــكـُنتـــِش هـِنا َك
perfect I saw Ahmed Ana juft Ahmad
أنا َ شـُفت أحمـَد
did not see Ahmed Ana majuftj Ahmad
أنا َ مـَــشـُفتـــِش أحمـَد
participle I know ána oarif
أنا َ عا َر ِف
do not know ána mj oarif

ána maoarifj

أنا َ مـِش عا َر ِف

أنا َ مـَعا َر ِفش

imperfect He wants to eat oaiƶ iakul
عا َيـِز يا َكـُل
He does not want to eat mj oaiƶ iakul
مـِش عا َيـِز يا َكـُل
he must not eat maiakulj
مـَــيا َكـُلــش
bi-imperfect I like this book baħibb ilkitab dah
بـَحـِبّ ا ِلكـِتا َب د َه
do not like this book mabaħibbj ilkitab dah

less common…mij baħibb ilkitab dah

مـَــبـَحـِبّش ا ِلكـِتا َب د َه
مـِش بـَحـِبّ ا ِلكـِتا َب د َه
Ha-imperfect I will buy the book hajtiri ilkitab
ها َشتـِري ا ِلكـِتا َب
I will not buy the book mj hajtiri ilkitab
مـِش ها َشتـِري ا ِلكـِتا َب
imperative go away! iimji!
don’t go! use mj+you-imperfect
English Egyptian
he is not here hua mj hina
هـُوّ َ مـِش هـِناَ
he was not here hua makanj hina
هـُوّ َ مـَــكا َنــش هـِناَ
I have not travelled outside egypt masafirtj barra mcr
مـَــسـَفـِرتـــِش بـَرّا َ مـَصر
I do not know ána mj oarif
أنا َ مـِش عا َر ِف
he was not able to come maqdirj iigi
مـَــقد ِرش يـِجي
he will not come mj haigi
مـِش هـَيـِجي
don’t go! matimjj


Sometimes when ma- is used on it own- the -j does not appear after the word. There are no rules about when this can happen.

examples from copyright © 2007-2012 Mike Green

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