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add ending -i female, -u plural

remove iي (ua pron u) if several consonants remove i (pron yi at start) add a (pron i at start)
put oŧ * ħŧ * (-/-i/ua) go/walk imwi amwi (-i/ua)
go iruħ ruħ open iftħ aftħ
change ai-r * ǵi-r * wait istany * astany * (-y/-i/ua)
talk to s.o. ikal-m kl-m wake up icħy acħy
help isaod saod forget insy ansy
study izakr zakr do ioml aoml
get up iqum qum return irgo argoi
carry iwil wil run igri agri
try/test igar-b gr-b go down inƶl anƶl
try/attem. iħaul ħaul talk itkl-m atkl-m
reply irud- rd- remember iftkr aftkr
look ibuc- bc- work ijtaǵl ajtǵl
leave isib sib promise iuod auod
take iaxud xd relax ihda ahda
eat iakul kl shut up iuskut askut
think fakir
bring igib hat
come igi toaly
give (me) idi (li) give it(m/f) to me idi huh/ha li

polite suggestions

can you – mmkn..

you should – almfruđ..

it’s better to – áħsn

you must – laƶm

please mn fđlk, lu smħt


laƶm tfkr fi almuđuo mn gmio nuaħih qbl ma taxd qrar

You should think about the issue from every angle before you make a decision.

كان المفروض توصل من زمان

kan almfruđ tucl mn ƶman

you should have arrived a long time ago


áħsn txlc alklie qbl ma ttguƶ

It’d be better to finish college before you get married.

ممكن توريني السكة؟ mmkn turini alske?

Can you show me the way?



MA-2nd person imperfect-cħ

ending -iij female, -uuj plural

DON’T 2nd person imp ma-j ا
put oŧ matħŧ-j -j,-ij,-uj go/walk tmji matmjij
go truħi matruħij open tftħua matftħuj
change tǵi-r matǵi-rj do toml matomlj (j,ij,uj)
talk to s.o. tkl-m matkl-mj return trgo matrgoj
help tsaod matsaodj run tgri matgrij
study tzakr matzakrj go down tnƶl matnƶlj
get up tqum matqumj talk ttkl-m mattkl-mj
carry tjil matjilj remember tftkr matftkrj
jork tjtǵl matjtǵlj
bring tgib matgibj
come tigi matgij


there are a few other ways to tell someone not to do something:


  1. Use بلاش blaj with the appropriate second-person imperfect verb conjugation. This is not as strong as a direct negative order; it can have the connotation of a polite request or even mere advice/preference on behalf of the person talking.


If you saw a friend standing in the street to catch a bus and there was a place to sit nearby, you might say

بلاش تستنى كدة في الشارع، أحسن لك تقعد جوة blaj tstny kde fi aljaro, áħsn lk tqod gue

“No need to wait like that in the street, it’d be better for you to sit inside.”


بلاش blac can also be used with a مصدر mcdr. If you were in a library and there were a bunch of children making noise nearby, you could tell them

بلاش دوشة يا ولاد

blaj duje ia ulad

“No noise, kids.”


  1. Use إوعى íuoy (ew3a) with the appropriate second-person imperfect verb conjugation. Note that if you’re addressing a woman, إوعي Iuoi (ewa3i), and a group, أوعوا áuoua (ewa3u). This word can have different connotations depending on how it’s used; it can be a “watch out/take care!” kind of statement (like خللي بالك xlli balk often is), a warning, or a very strong “Don’t dare do that!” kind of statement.


If someone tall was going into a room with a low door, you might tell them

إوعى راسك

íuoy rask (ew3a raasak)

Watch out for your head.


íuoy tfđl mstniah oly ŧul (ew3a tifđal mistinnyaah 3ala ŧuul)

Don’t keep waiting for him forever.


To warn someone not to forget their cellphone:

إوعي تنسي موبايلك íuoi tnsi mubailk (ewa3i tinsi mobaylek)


إوعى تكلّمني تاني، أنا مش عايزة أشوف وشك! íuoy tkl-mni tani, ána mj oaiƶe ájuf ujak!

Don’t dare talk to me again, I don’t want to see your face again!


  1. And finally, there’s إياك íiak (iiyyaak) with the appropriate second-person imperfect verb conjugation. Note that if you’re addressing a woman,إياكي íiaki (iiyaaki), and a group, إياكوا íiakua (iiyyaaku). إياك íiak is from fucħa but used colloquially to express a very strong prohibition (like “Don’t you dare do that!!”). However in context it doesn’t necessarily express such strong feeling.


إياكي تاكلي من أكلي في التلاجة íiaki takli mn ákli fi altlage (iiyaaki takli min akli fet-tallaaga)

Don’t eat any of my food that’s in the fridge!


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