Watching your favorite sitcom or movie in English with Arabeasy subtitles is one of the most effective and entertaining ways to learn new vocabulary and essential, up-to-date slang.

To convert Arabic subtitles to Arabeasy yourselves, from for example:

1. download the arabic .zip and extract the .srt file

2. drag .srt file into webbrowser to display arabic correctly , may need to change encoding system
– FIREFOX menu-web developer-character encoding-more encodings-middle eastern-arabic (windows 1256)
– CHROME menu- tools-encoding-UTF8

3. select entire page in webbrowser (ctrl-A) and

copy paste (ctrl-C ctrl-V) into box in PASTE/CONVERT menu on website

OR if you wish to keep ORIGINAL ARABIC with ARABEASY below:

  1. make a google doc
  2. add contents of the Arabic subtitle or text
  3. publish it
  4. use the CHROME ARABEASY EXTENSION on the published page

OR if you use Firefox

using Transliterator (firefox) use the transliterate hotkey ALT-X

4. select the result and paste into a new .srt file


this page is great for listening to songs with lyrics
Look for “lhge/AnGam mcrie” لهجة مصرية/ أنغام مصرية to get subtitles in Egyptian Arabic.

To use the subtitle with a video, just drop the .SRT (from the decompressed ZIP file) into the play window while viewing (works for VLC and some other players) right click and “save link as..” to download

Happy Viewing!

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