EGY modals

laƶm must, have to

đruri must

almfruđ should

mmkn can, it’s possible mstħil it’s impossible

imkin perhaps

gaiƶ may(be), it’s possible that

shl easy to cob hard to

msmuħ permitted to mmnuo forbidden to


modals which are active participles take m, f, pl forms:

oaiƶ oaiƶe oaiƶin want to

naui nauie nauiin intend to

qaod qaoda qaodin keep on

omal omale omalin continue


modals which take pronoun suffix -i -i/ak -uh -ha etc.

nfs- feel like

qcd- mean to

ƶman- must’ve (happening at right time)

tn- keep on

ia rit-(suffix optional) wish


add kan past  hikun future mc negative before



kan laƶm tfkr fi almuđuo qbl ma taxd qrar

you should’ve thought about it before you took a decision


almfruđ anna klna nqđi uqt kuis

we should all spend our time well


makanj qcdi ádaiqk

i didn’t mean to annoy you


ia ritni maftħt cdri u atklmt b qlb gamd

i wish i hadn’t talked so openly and bravely


ƶmanha gaie

she ought to be coming (soon now)


ƶmank got

you must be hungy (by now)


kan ƶman kl ħage xlct lu knti saodtini

everything would’ve been finished (by now) if you’d helped me


nfsi ásafr lbnan

i’d like to travel to lebanon


nauie ácħi bdri

i intend to get up early


alblaui omale ttħdf olina

troubles keep on happening to us


alorbie alkħiane di omale tkħ fi usŧ aljaro

this beatup old car keeps on coughing in the middle of the street


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