The free extensions here let you auto convert Arabic news websites, forums, facebook etc. to English letters.

indexARABEASY view Chrome extension once installed, click on icon ARROto convert

indextype ARABEASY (IME) Chrome extension. Then you toggle it ON/OFF in text boxes with F2 (function key F2)

For Chrome it also leaves the original Arabic intact, so you can practise reading Arabic script.

main innovations: univocal/reversible optimal 1:1 map
phonetic: e ة G غ D ص x خ S ث áíú,a)i)u),àìù,âîû ُ ِ َ N ً A أ E آ I إ U ؤ Y ئ
visual: o ع ـعـ w ش v ح ـحـ j ز y ى shadda "·" _ tatweel

GREAT NEWS!! NICE BUBBLE TRANSLATE index now looks up words directly from transliterated ARABEASY (select FROM:Arabic Latin alphabet in the Nice Bubble Translate settings, thanks Tarek!).
Then just double click or word(s) while pressing CTRL and a nice blue bubble will pop up the English translation.

Arabeasy is a fully reversible transliteration system mapped 1:1 Arabic:Latin alphabet, for a deeper understanding of written Arabic – academic article here *

  • designed for simple and rapid input on keyboards/smartphones etc.
  • map directly to Arabic, avoid confusion from multiple word spellings, e.g. kebir/kebeer/kabeer? (Arabeasy:kbir directly from Arabic)
  • eases transition to reading/spelling of Arabic script in the future
  • fewer letters means faster typing and reading e.g. ARABEASY mbtvbw vs mabit7ebish
  • one letter per symbol, only normal letters from standard keyboards

for translating transliterated Arabic install Nice Bubble Translate index

header-firefox on Firefox viewing and typing (IME) are possible from one add-on, install the
Transliterator Add-on HERE
follow these steps:

Open the OPTIONS dialog of the Transliterator Add-on, and select Arabic.
To use, go to a any text input box on a web page, and press ALT-X (or whatever is set as the “toggle keyboard mode” shortcut in the Transliterator Add On OPTIONS), this should toggle between Arabeasy input and normal input. You should now be able to type Arabic using the ARABEASY keyboard mapping.

You can also transliterate Arabic text on any page withe the Transliterate shortcut key defined in the Add-on options, I like to use ATL-Z for this, so then you just select any text or the whole page with CTRL-A, and then convert to ARABEASY with ALT-Z.
my settings:

ALT-X toggle type ARABEASY ( IME) ON/OFF
ALT-A ARABEASY–>ARABIC (detransliterate)

You can keep the Text input locked on by setting “Toggle keyboard window mode” in the settings, that way all input boxes on the page are affected.

You may need to restart Firefox for changes to shortcut keys to come into effect.

Have Fun!

for translating original Arabic install Quick Translatorheader-firefox

kashida/tatweel _ (underscore)
shadda · (interpunct or U+00B7, SHIFT-3 on spanish kbd)
fathatan N
fatha damma kasra áàâ úùû íìî

even works for transcribed video text/subtitles (use the paste/convert window)
on, the Arabeasy only is displayed to make viewing transcripts easier, click TRANSCRIPTS to show Arabic, then CTL-A, ALT-X
example with transcript

Reading Arabic webpages in ABC (a.k.a. Franco-Arab, Frankuarab, Arabizi, Arabic chat) can ease memorization of new words, reading speed, and help understand the Arabic writing system.

This transliteration system is a close 1:1 mapping onto Arabic as it is written, teaching how to spell Arabic correctly and understand language syntax. It results in less confusion as to whether letters are written double or single etc.

Main innovations:
‘ ء
e ة
G غ
o ع
w ش
c ص
p ض
v ح
x خ
S ث
_ tatweel
áíú ُ ِ َ
N ً
A أ
E آ
I إ
U ؤ
Y ئ
shadda is “·” (U+00B7 or SHIFT-3 Spanish kbd, interpunct)

o (ain), v (rotated 90deg left), w and j look similar to their Arabic letter counterparts, p looks slightly similar, and is also a d rotated 180 degrees. think of c as s, eg century
i = yi (eg. ibod=yibod) at word start and often has a missing vowel in front (eg. bit=bait), u is u and “w”, y is “a” and “i”, p is d’ (looks like rotated d)
[column width=”10%”]ARABEASY
[/column][column width=”10%”]PRONOUNCED
[/column][column width=”70%”]MEANING
a little
[/column][end_columns] lets you change any Arabic page to Western alphabet (a.k.a. Franco-Arab, Frankuarab, Arabizi, Arabic chat) instantly.

Arabeasy aims to teach Arabic using the English alphabet (transliteration or romanization). This makes it much easier to remember words and spelling visually, even if one is learning or already knows Arabic letters.

This transliteration system is a close 1:1 mapping onto Arabic as it is written, teaching how to spell Arabic correctly and understand language syntax. It results in less confusion as to whether letters are written double or single etc. A simple example, the word for slang, colloquial or Egyptian dialect in Arabic is “oamiah”, but if written phonetically it could be ammeyya, ammeya, ameyya, amiya, ammiyya, ammiya, amiyya..


keywords: romanise, romanisation, phonetic, script, ameya, ammeyya, ammeya, ameyya, amiya, ammiyya, ammiya, amiyya, English, Egypt, Arab World, Aralish, Arabish, Franco-Arab, chat, Arabizi, phonetic, amia, Franku-Arab



See more versions here, or more on Arabic chat here

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